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Active Hands are Learning Hands

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Welcome to Sign and Doodle, where Active Hands are Learning Hands! 

Sign and Doodle offers various Early Enrichment Classes for Ages 3 months and Up!  It is never to early to start a love of learning.  We are a unique program that does not hire employees, instead, we have professional partners.  Our instructors are all teaching in their own specialty areas and love what they do!  Each teacher develops their own lessons and utilizes their experience and education in order to most effectively teach your child.   Check out each instructors’ pages to learn more!

Everyone at Sign and Doodle believes in hands-on learning through child-led discovery, and we are here to direct and foster the learning process in a fun and creative environment!  Currently, we offer Sign Language and Motor classes; Intro to Art and Art Exploration classes; and Modified Montessori Based Literacy, Writing, and Math classes!

Sign Language and Motor Classes for ages 3 months and up

Sign and Doodle offers innovative American Sign Language classes that embrace the benefits of teaching sign language to infants, toddlers, and children. At Sign and Doodle sign language and fine motor skills go hand in hand!  Sign language increases fine motor skills, awareness of how to use hands purposefully, and the concept of meaningful communication.  In return, fine motor developing activities increase a child’s ability to properly position hands to more correctly form the ASL signs.  Classes are open to children of ALL ability levels.

 Art Classes for Ages 18 months and Up

Art Exploration classes are full of hands on sensory exploration, including colors, sounds, textures, and more!  Students will create, play, and learn all about various mediums and types of art.

Intro to Art Classes focus on a different artist each month.  While learning more about the techniques, mediums, and works they created.  Students will recreate their own artwork based on the artist each month.  Each child will explore different art mediums and learn age appropriate art techniques while fostering a love of art.

Montessori Enrichment Classes focus on Literacy, Writing, and Math for ages 2.5 years and Up

These classes utilize modified Montessori techniques allowing students to start and progress at their own level, as slowly or quickly as needed.  This is hands-on learning at its best!  Children will move, collaborate, explore, and THINK!  Using their own motivation and ideas each child will take their learning to the next level while having tons of confidence building fun!  Math concepts will increase natural numerical reasoning and continue onto hands on math computations.  The literacy component will instill an early love of reading, from letter recognition and sounds to reading and creating sentences.  This combined enrichment program is a great start to early education, an additional component to a preschool program, or an after-school learning experience to reinforce skills while keeping the love of learning alive!

Specialty Classes

We also offer specialty sessions designed to meet the needs of children with special needs and one-on-one sessions tailored to address areas where deficits are present.  See our specialty page for more information on the benefits of signing with exceptional children.

We offer classes for homeschool groups too!  Contact us to discuss programs, times, days, and prices.

Attending a weekly class will allow your child to learn new material, practice signing with others, increase social skills, work on fine motor skills, create works of art, explore, and have fun learning!  Classes are also beneficial to parents as a way to learn techniques for teaching children new information, providing ways to generalize and review new skills at home, and creating a fun, relaxed environment to interact with other parents! We offer both parent + child classes as well as drop off classes, depending on age and class.

Give us a call to set up your free trial class!

Every Sign and Doodle class appeals to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles.  This multi-sensory approach to learning has been proven time and time again to enhance learning for people of all ages and abilities.  Sign up for a class today and be amazed by how much your little one can do!Sign and Doodle offers classes based on age, ability, and special needs.  Each class is uniquely designed to be developmentally appropriate for the children attending.

Enrollment is easy!
1.) Check our website for class schedule   FALL 2015 Schedule
2.) Contact us to reserve your spot, pay $20 material fee
3.) Email/mail/bring your completed FALL Session 2015 – Class Registration Form

To Contact Us:

Please call:  704-763-7501  or email: to request a spot in one of our classes or contact us with questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Location: 88 Church Street N Concord NC 28025



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