“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” 
Pablo Picasso
 Fostering an early love of art can keep that budding artist growing strong!  At Sign and Doodle we aim to encourage students to keep their unbridled sense of creativity alive and strong.   As children age so does their awareness of self-image and they begin to worry about what others think.  With that comes a concern for coloring things the right color, perfectionism, and conformity….but when a child builds creative confidence in themselves at an early age their imagination will continue to soar!  Our goal is to provide an atmosphere were learning runs wild and the encouraging support from adults fosters each child’s creative interest.

Every child is an Artist….

Classes start at 18 months old with our Toddler Art Exploration Class!  Make a mess, make a masterpiece!  Our Young Artists Toddler class combines Waldorf inspired art exploration with sensory play.  Designed for both parent and child to explore and interact with art materials in a playful, child-centered, learning environment.  Art exploration provides sensory input, reinforces colors, and gives toddlers confidence in their creative thinking processes.  This class is parent inclusive and 45 minutes of all out, messy, child-led exploration.

We also offer an Art Exploration Class for the older artists, ages 2.5 years and up! This class will foster the love of creation with arts and crafts, wearable art, recycled art creations, and more!  Lots of creative, sensory-rich, art exploration with the guidance to take creations to the next level.  Every week you will be surprised with creations and confidence that your child has developed.  This class is 45 minutes long and chocked full of color, texture, and fun!

Our Intro to Art Class is for ages 4 and up, instruction is differentiated for varying ages and ability levels.  This class features an artist of the month and each class within the month will be packed full of information about the artist, their art, and their life.  Projects will revolve around artwork and techniques of each artist.  Just wait until your preschooler comes home talking about Starry Night, foreground, and showing off their still life creations!  Complete art emergence will dominate this 75 minute class.

Students will create artwork to display around town, meet and learn from local artists, and be encouraged to participate in gallery excursions with the class!


Enrollment is easy!
1.) Check our website for class schedule FALL 2015 Schedule
2.) Contact us to reserve your spot, pay $20 material fee
3.) Email/mail/bring your completed FALL Session 2015 – Class Registration Form
Class Prices:
Art & Sign Language classes: (45 mins) $45 per child/monthTwo classes (90 mins) $80 per child/per monthFamily classes: (45 mins) $45 per family for first child ($5 for each addition child)

Enrichment Classes: (75 mins) $60 per child/month

Any 2 Enrichment classes: (2.5 hours) $110 per child/month

* Sibling Discount: $5 off each class for all Siblings enrolled                                                                                                                                                             

***  Stay and Play Blocks:  ages 2.5 – 6 years ***

Tuesdays:  9:30 – 1:15 (Bring a Lunch or Snack for 30 min break)  $140 per month

Wednesdays: 9:15 – 12:30 (Bring a quick snack for 10 min break)  $130 per month

Enroll in both Tues & Wed for a discounted rate of $250 per month


**Annual Material Fee per family $20 due at registration (covers all materials for as many classes as you choose to enroll in)