In addition to our standard classes, Sign and Doodle offers many other

opportunities to enrich the lives of those you love.

Do you homeschool?  We can cater a class to the needs of your homeschooling family or organization.

Ready to think about potty trainingyour child?  We offer potty training workshops and consultations for all children, including older children and those with special needs.

Is your child experiencing a specific skill deficit that you would like a little extra help with?  We offer individualized education sessions for a multitude of specific skills, geared toward your child’s learning style and needs.

Does your child have autism, Down syndrome, developmental delay, speech delay, or other developmental disability?  With over 15 years of experience working with children with special needs, owner Melissa Augustyn is ready to assist you with any challenges you and your child may be facing at home, in the community, or at school.  We can create classes to meet the needs of your family, group, or organization.

Contact us today to develop a plan to meet your child’s specific needs.

Signing Time answers the question; “How can signing help your child with special needs?”

Sign language has given a voice many children with special needs, who
otherwise had difficulty communicating. Signing Time helps children of all
abilities communicate better and clearer, including those with autism,
apraxia, down syndrome, spinal bifida, ADD, ADHD, developmental delays,
speech delays and language delays. Signing Time has been instrumental in
unlocking the once silent voices of many children who were unable to
communicate through speech and unable to express even their simplest
thoughts until now.

Rachel Coleman, founder and owner of Signing Time, has seen the benefits
of signing with her own special needs child. Rachel’s daughter Lucy was
born with spinal bifida and cerebral palsy. Doctors worried Lucy would be
unable to speak or use sign language to communicate with her deaf sister,
Leah. After two years of showing no interest in communication and in spite
of her cerebral palsy, Lucy signed her first sign. Now Lucy is fluent in
ASL and English! Lucy is the first of many Signing Time miracles.

Signing is a valuable resource for special needs groups because it can
jump-start learning and communication. Topics include baby’s first words,
manners, food, playtime, family members, and opposites.

Classes are forming now, please contact us to sign up or call us for more information.