“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”  ~ Maria Montessori

Our Literacy, Writing, and Math program incorporates Montessori techniques, experience, and training to instill a self-directed love of learning for your child.   This active, hands-on, independent learning model has been used for over a hundred years to build strong, confident, self-reliant children.  When given guidance and materials a child is able to explore their environment, learning adult tasks in broken down steps with child size materials to build curiosity and success.

Math reasoning skills will be taught with manipulatives, games, and activities.  Having a strong foundation of mathematical concepts will give your young child the confidence and logical thinking skills they need to conquer higher level math concepts.

Literacy lays the groundwork for all other subjects and increases independence in a child’s world.   Activities that break down sounds, words, and stories will be used to allow children to explore the groundwork of sounds and eventually reading.

Fine motor skills and writing will be developed through the use of fun, independence building activities.  During the expanded Early Enrichment class, students will also learn to sign a letter of the week, and practice finger spelling words that start with that letter.  Students will participate in fine motor activities that will incorporate letter awareness, tool use, and strengthen muscles needed to eventually write.  Students will complete activities using crayons and markers which will prepare them for writing letters and teach them the vocabulary used in the Fundanoodle handwriting tablets.  They will also practice making all 26 uppercase, lowercase, or cursive letters.  Older students will begin creative writing.  Each student will work from the Fundanoodle Activity Book of their level, with additional instruction during class and practice assignments for home use.

This program will give your young learner the skills and thought processes they need to be life-long learners who enjoy a challenge and learn lessons by observing and investigate the world around them.  Self-guided exploration and a desire to figure things out on their own will also develop a satisfaction from intrinsic motivation.


Enrollment is easy!
1.) Check our website for class schedule  FALL 2015 Schedule
2.) Contact us to reserve your spot, pay $20 material fee
3.) Email/mail/bring your completed FALL Session 2015 – Class Registration Form
Class Prices:

Art & Sign Language classes: (45 mins) $45 per child/month

Two classes (90 mins) $80 per child/per month

Family classes: (45 mins) $45 per family for first child ($5 for each addition child)

Enrichment Classes: (75 mins) $60 per child/month

Any 2 Enrichment classes: (2.5 hours) $110 per child/month

* Sibling Discount: $5 off each class for all Siblings enrolled

***  Stay and Play Blocks:  ages 2.5 – 6 years ***

Tuesdays:  9:30 – 1:15 (Bring a Lunch or Snack for 30 min break)  $140 per month

Wednesdays: 9:15 – 12:30 (Bring a quick snack for 10 min break)  $130 per month

Enroll in both Tues & Wed for a discounted rate of $250 per month

**Annual Material Fee per family $20 due at registration (covers all materials for as many classes as you choose to enroll in)

Classes start the week of September 8th 2014 and will continue through the week of December 15th 2014.